ESME ́ Official Self-Love Month, Part 2


It is ESME ́ Official Self-Love Month. So what doesIT even freaking mean?

It means the Rules (with a slight tweak) from the December postings….

The Rules:

  1. You must do this (self-love) with kindness, compassion and respect for yourself.
  2. You must raise your right hand and repeat, repeatedly: I was born worthy.  *You may do this with your inside voice; just do it often
  3. You must assume that you have an angel designate that has your back
  4. You must agree to share with other people only if you want to. Privacy is allowed. (You can love yourself all you freaking want and ignore any nay-sayers)
  5. You must remember Rule 1.

Which is kind of IT. Practice. With kindness, compassion and respect for yourself. Remember that you are worthy because you were born worthy. Remember you are beautiful and know your version of beautiful.  Know that you are not alone and trust yourself. Share you when you feel good about sharing you.  Plus fun is always good.

LOVE YOUR SELF.    Start with you. Start now.  And then ask yourself ‘How long is NOW???”