Happy Fall-Winter


Yes, the weather snapped and dropped more snow than we have seen for 104 years. And yes, the fleeing birds were smart and got the Hell Out of Dodge. And yes, yes, yes it is technically fall.  But this is Calgary and we are in Fall-Winter people. This is the season where we smile and nod and pretend the weather is kind of cute.  Winter-Winter is coming soon and -30 will be kissing us on the cheek.  Then Spring-Winter shows up and we will all smile and nod and pretend the weather is just the weather.

In celebration of Fall-Winter we added a few new shades to our gorgeous nail palette and our ESMÉ Professionals are gearing up for colder weather so we can customize your treatments for the weather and for you. ESMÉ Floral is in full bloom (as usual) and we are, as usual, drooling over the colours and textures we get to create with.

Happy Fall-Winter!

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.