It's All Good

Your Beautiful.jpg

We are over exposed to (if not saturated with) this name-hurtling culture that leaves little room for any form of some version of a civilized conversation.  We are inundated with messages of what is ‘wrong’ with us (even if it is not our ‘fault’) and with messages of how we can be better or how we can be more (if only we agree with someone else’s version of better or more).

We, here at ESMÉ, are firm believers that there is nothing broken about you and that there is nothing to fix. We are all about your beautiful which makes our job so ridiculously easy.  You tell us your beautiful, we bring on the ESMÉ.   

If you want blue toes nails (or red, green, orange or pink), for no other reason than because you do, call us. If you are feeling the feels for full-on facial fulfillment, OMG do we have your back.  Our nail artists are crazy picky and crazy skilled and we are bringing on the glitter, the shimmer or the matte.  You pick.  

ESMÉ Floral continues to bliss out.  Sigh.  Holiday greens have arrived.

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.