Happy Less-Than-Two-Weeks-'Til-Christmas!

ESMÉ Sleigh.jpg

If you think that Halloween is fun around here, you should see us at Christmas! If only we had a sleigh we would take you on a sleigh ride together woo-hoo.  Like, all of us; all of us, together.  All of us at ESMÉ have our own little ways of making the holiday season our own, just like you do.  Whether you are in the cookies, eggnog and turkey camp or the dried fruit, green juice and tofurkey camp (or whatever camp in between) we, here at ESMÉ, are ESMÉ ready to do our ESMÉ thing.

We have a cup of tea with your name on it unless you prefer coffee and then we have a cup of coffee with your name on it . Whatever your beautiful, our ESMÉ professionals are all a ting-ting tingling, jing-jing jingling with you. Whatever your beautiful is, we bring on the ESMÉ.

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.