Happy Almost-New-Year!

Fire In Your Heart.jpg

A few years ago I realized that my New Year Resolutions all seemed to revolve around my attempts to make me better somehow and I decided I am ‘better’ enough.  Instead, every year at this time, I resolve to treat myself with kindness, courtesy and respect.  I resolve to trust me, regardless of the oh-so-many voices telling me what else to think and who else to be.  I resolve to do me, my way, my beautiful and it lights a fire in my heart.

From the beginning we, here at ESMÉ, resolved to be in the YOUR BEAUTIFUL business.  With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, we are excited to see what it means for you and how you choose to celebrate.  Whether you are the fire-in-the-backyard type or full-on-gown-and-glove is more your style, light that fire in your very own heart. Our ESMÉ Beauty Professionals are all rested up and raring to go. 

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.