Happy December

Happy December.jpg

It is December already, and we too are amazed it got here again, that fast. Our ESMÉ Nail Artists, Facial Witches, Brow Experts, and Floral Queens are on fire. Serious Fire.  During the holidays, your version of your beautiful can wear many faces with the work parties, friend get-togethers and family gatherings (unless you prefer to ignore it all and then, well, there’s that).  Regardless, a facial is always divine (especially an ESMÉ facial); an ESMÉ Floral Masterpiece is just that: AN ESMÉ FLORAL MASTERPIECE (and they are popping up all over town, just saying); and ESMÉ Beautiful is just so dang beautifully excited to be doing what we do.

Our ESMÉ team is strong and excited and holiday ready.  Call us or book online and let us be a part of your holiday season. 

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.