Caring About Your Skin Care

If there was an actual ingredient called hydrosymizyelmethylglycinate (PS I made the word up) used as an emulsifier in your salad dressing, would you be inclined to intentionally eat it?  No, me neither.  What about if hydrosymizyelmethylglycinate was used as an emulsifier in your body lotion?  Would you be inclined to intentionally put it on your skin?  Same; me neither.  There are just too darn many syllables for my liking. 

As the largest organ of your body, your skin has the intelligence to regenerate and heal.  It holds us together, so to speak.  It deserves some love and respect and this applies to not just the ingredients but the care and skill with which the ingredients are used. 

At Esmé, we like to be able to pronounce the ingredients used in the product we use on your beautiful bodies.  We feature product lines that are nourishing, body and soul, and our peeps are good at what they do. 

ESMÉ  Beauty Bar.  One Stop Beautiful.