ESMÉ Official Kindness Month Continues...

KIndness is Magic.jpg

I received a bouquet of flowers (yes dandelions) from my then very young daughter, and it was handed to me with utter kindness and love. 

I received a bouquet of flowers from a friend of my grandmothers (when my grandmother died) and it was handed it to me with pity and plastic wrap and I pretended it was kind.

I received a bouquet of flowers from a man I once loved and it was handed to me with resentment and contempt to pretend to apologize for something he had no regret for and I pretended that was kind too.

The kindness and love went straight to my heart.  The pity and plastic wrap made a very brief visit and got recycled. The resentment and contempt took some kindness to dissipate and then it got recycled too. 

Flowers in and of themselves (I happen to believe) are kind, miraculous and inherently beautiful, regardless of whether you like them or they make you sneeze.   Just like us, and when we remember. Flowers ooze fullness of life and celebration and appreciation.  Just like us (when we remember).  Regardless of whether you engage with it, kindness is kind just because it is.  

There is power in kindness.  Kindness thrives.  Kindness nurtures.  Kindness is kind.

April is ESMÉ Official KINDNESS Month.  KINDLY TAKE NOTE!           

Your kind of beautiful. ESMÉ BEAUTIFUL