ESMÉ Official KINDNESS Month

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Kindness seems to have no territory or parameters or rules.  It seems to be a choice (whether to give or receive it) but then sometimes it just rumbles up, seemingly out of no-where.  Kindness seems to be a universal experience of the same thing.  

I have heard of remarkable acts of kindness in the midst of war, the brutality of a jail and the sometimes benign-ness of a mall.  We seemingly drift in and out of it, un-consciously or consciously, whether we are expressing it or experiencing it.   It has it’s own vibe.  

I don’t know that kindness can change the world but I know that every single time it touches down in mine, I am different.  I am infused; and maybe not constantly kind but more inclined that way. 

The most interesting thing is that there are no rules and no rule-book.  The only way to interpret kindness is if it feels kind.  If it seems to be what it is because it is. 

Only kindness is kind.  We get to choose and that, in and of it-self, is just darn kind.  

Choose kindness.