April is ESMÉ Official Kindness Month


Personally, I did not see this as a kind winter because of all the snow, the never ending snow.  But I know people who thought it was kind as hell because of all the snow, the never ending snow.

While there are different interpretations of the word, kindness brings about a feeling of, well…kindness.  It is not a mood or an emotion.  It is a state of being.  We are inspired to kindness or we cultivate kindness or we experience kindness and we know it when we feel it but kindness is not a something that can be pretended.  It is highly transparent and yes, kind.  It is not charity (though it can exist within charity); it is not a big fat smile (though it can exist within a big fat smile); and kindness is not snow (though it can exist, even within the snow).  

Since we are declaring this for a month, let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.  Start with you.  Be kind to you.  

Before you go to bed, write KINDNESS on a sticky and put it on your phone so when you wake up in the morning, KINDNESS is the first thing you see.  Then take that sticky and put it on your forehead so when you look at yourself in the mirror (just before you pee), KINDNESS is the second thing you see.  Then take that freaking sticky and put it on whatever is the third thing you see, and see (and be) KINDNESS and march on! 

April.  Kindness.   ESMÉ OFFICIAL