Still Celebrating!

Fire Works.jpg

Well that was fun!  A whole month of celebrating THE/Your/My/Our Beautiful and, as many of us as there are, is exactly how many ways we get to celebrate.  It just goes on and on and on... 

This weekend is about Canada Day and we get to celebrate our beautiful country and then, next weekend, YEE HAW,  we get to start celebrating the Calgary Stampede.  

We have ESME ́Canada Day nail colors all lined up and we are here to get your feet pedicure-ready for two-stepping in those boots.  Whatever you are ready for, we are ready for you!  We bring the ESME ́ .

ESME ́Floral is in full swing with graduation and wedding season and we are all still fanning our faces with the amazing blooms flowing through and from our hands, to yours. 

ESME ́ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.