The Dog Days of Summer Are Upon Us

Lake Jumping.jpg

Apparently we are setting a Calgary record on Friday with 37 degrees.  These hottest days are called the Dog Days of Summer and, for your 411, the ancient Romans coined the phrase after (and around) the star Sirius or the “Dog Star”, the brightest star in the constellation.  

We all have our own ways of dealing with the I-am-so-hot-I-may-cry moments the Dog Days bring.  There are not enough fans, even though I personally invested $6.99 in a hand held mini-fan (that is way cuter than it is effective).  My neighbor had a happy-scream water fight with her daughter.  I know some people who are planting their lawn chairs in the river.  Lake-jumping is a very good thing to do.   

These days can be overwhelming and sticky but there are so many ways to make the most of these days, these days.  Get your Vitamin D on and, whatever your version of lake-jumping is, jump. Do it.   

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