Happy 2019!!!

Tiara Time.jpg

These early January days are always the respite from all the flurry of the holidays for me and the lovely warm temperature feels like an extra gift.  This afternoon, I walked at Glenmore Park with my hair a-blowing-in-the-wind. I waved my pretty ESMÉ mani at the snow on the Glenmore Dam as though I was waving at the damn Queen, as though I was/I am the damn Queen.  Spoiler Alert:  I just may be…
How about you?   Are you ready to stake the flag in your very own just-you land?  Are you ready to state the virtues and attributes and thingy-things that make your world your beautiful; your beautiful, your world?  Us too!!!!!  We are in the YOUR BEAUTIFUL business. 

ESMÉ Beautiful.  Your Kind of Beautiful.

 PS: Hydrate. Like, seriously.  Hydrate.