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Skin Smarts for Crazy Winter Days

Skin Smarts for Crazy Winter Days

Apparently the relative humidity of Calgary is less than that of the Sahara Desert, which actually means that Calgary is sometimes drier that the Sahara Desert. Add that to winter temperatures in the -20’s and -30’s PLUS a potential wind-chill factor taking it close to the -40’s...

#ESMEINK : "August Awakening" Day 28



This is a delayed posting - but still words beautiful to digest....

This full moon seems full of forward momentum. While just a couple of weeks ago, I felt that things within me and around me were moving at a slow pace, that has quickly changed. I'm seeing through a new window. It is clean and clear. I have realized where I need to make some changes in order to progress. Sometimes I just have to take a leap of faith, and trust that making a change will serve me better. There is such a fiery ball of momentum within me. I've been planting soul seeds for the past couple of months in preparation of a beautiful harvest. This full moon, on August 18th can be a time of realization, awakening, rebellion, and seeing things from a new point of view. New understanding and directions. Big picture visioning. Taking risks, and diving into self expression is all a part of it. This is the perfect time to tackle any tasks and decisions I've been putting off. (like my basement spare room project, or small work projects.) Cheers to today, and the near future!

{Mantra}May my eyes be able to see,
And my ears be open to hear,
The beauty of all creation,
And the Spirit that brought me here.”


#ESMEINK Journal Entry by Lise-Marie Johnson

Welcome : from ESME BEAUTY BAR Owner Angela O'Donoghue


Angela1Welcome to ESME LIFE! I could not be more excited about the journey ahead of us ... expressing & exploring ways to thrive in this beautiful life.

I have dreamed about a space that joins together our goals and vision here at Esme Beautiful Salon with the stories, wisdom and tips of the lovely people we work alongside daily. I love the idea of cultivating a community - the people around us are so impactful to our personal and professional growth. I hope that this blog serves as a gathering place to share and receive lessons, knowledge and encouragement from one another.

When my vision for opening a salon was in its' infancy, long before Esme Beautiful even had a name, I had one core goal in mind. I wanted the business to be a place that embodied the idea of "beauty from the inside out" - which is why our services in the salon range from holistic nutrition consultations to mani's/pedi's, facials, and brow design. Taking care of our bodies inside & out is not only vital to our health - but also our self-esteem & mentality.

Our goal with ESME LIFE is to give these values of beauty, health, & community a voice. We hope you find the tips and advice helpful and other's stories - inspiring.

Cheers to loving everything that is beautiful about ourselves and this life. 

Love, Ang