diy skincare

[DIY] : Natural Face Mask


There's nothing better on a rainy or chilly weekend than to use it as an excuse to relax in cozy pj's, binge watch Netflix, & pamper yourself!

We've put together all-natural face masks to try (for oily or normal skin types) - that will leave your skin hydrated & purified. These recipes also aid in anti-aging and calming of your precious skin.


Recipe for OILY Skin: *1/2 teaspoon of your choice of clay (such as bentonite) *mix with enough water just to combine and create a paste like consistency. *massage onto face, and allow to sit on 10-15 minutes.

*add a drop of essential oil of choice if desired (suggestion : Pink Grapefruit)

Wipe away with warm water or warm wet towel.

Recipe for NORMAL Skin: *1/2 teaspoon of clay of choice * 1/8 cup of all natural face cream. *1/4 teaspoon of vitamin E oil

*add a drop of essential oil of choice if desired (suggestion : Pink Grapefruit) Mix all ingredients, and apply to face for 10-15 minutes. (This should make enough for a few mask treatments)

[ DIY ] : Natural Facial Scrub


Want to create an all-natural facial scrub that stimulates circulation & encourages cell renewal - in the coziness of your own home?

With these simple, easy steps (and maybe a glass of wine in hand) - you'll have glowing, soft skin that smells & feels luxurious!


-1/4 tsp cinnamon  (*note that the cinnamon will spice up your skin - that's normal)

-2 tbsp baking soda

-1/8 cup of all-natural face cream  (*Esme Beauty Lotion ingredients listed below)

-2 drops of pink grapefruit or sweet orange essential oil (for hydration)

*Esme Beauty Lotion - all natural cream mixed by hand (in house!) to moisturize & soften your skin without any yucky toxins.

Ingredients : grape seed oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, vitamin E oil, vegetable emulsifying wax, shea butter, & distilled water.