5 Energy Enhancing Supplements


In this day & age - most of us are energy addicts.

How refreshing would it be to totally delete that feeling of "I'm a little tired - I need an energy drink or a huge coffee ASAP or I absolutely cannot function"?

Putting too much unnatural focus on your personal energy levels can be very toxic for your mind & body. It leads to unnecessary stress, triggers a negative mood, & makes some of us grab beautifully marketed cans of energy with caffeine levels that can cause headache, insomnia, nervousness and a rapid heartbeat. More serious side effects from consuming excessive caffeine include arrhythmia, vomiting, seizures, disrupted sleep patterns and increased blood pressure.

But - yes, we ALL get truly sluggish & need a boost of energy every now & then.

In addition to your personal nutritional intake, sleeping patterns & exercise - here are 5 natural ways to boost your energy levels without the jitters and health risks:

1. B VITAMINS - this particular group of vitamins helps us process food into energy, form red blood cells. Also - if we don't get enough of the B vitamin family - a major cause is FATIGUE.

2.OMEGA 3s - Research says that if you don't get enough omega-3s - you are likely to struggle with fatigue & mental health issues.

3.PROBIOTICS - Taking a high-quality probiotic daily protects your gut health, which keeps things moving in your body (if things are not moving...you are extra tired).

4.HERBAL ADAPTOGENS - Some herbs are known to assist the body in dealing with stress, anxiety & other imbalances. Adaptogens such as maca, ashwagandha, panax ginseng, & rhodiola can also assist with energy levels. The use of herbal adaptogens - however- can get complex & overwhelming, so it's best to seek advice from a holistic health care professional.

5. MULTIVITAMIN & MINERAL SUPPLEMENTS - Choose a high-quality vitamin with a spectrum of foundational vitamins to fill in your nutritional & mineral gaps. Be sure to watch your iron & magnesium levels - if there is a deficiency - fatigue is a sure sign.


[  AUTHOR  : Bekah Glass  ]