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Skin Smarts for Crazy Winter Days

Skin Smarts for Crazy Winter Days

Apparently the relative humidity of Calgary is less than that of the Sahara Desert, which actually means that Calgary is sometimes drier that the Sahara Desert. Add that to winter temperatures in the -20’s and -30’s PLUS a potential wind-chill factor taking it close to the -40’s...

Introducing : Esme All Natural Skincare!


The time has finally come!

Esme Beauty Bar now has its very own all natural skin care line.

A huge thank you to Wild Prairie Botanicals for helping this dream become a reality!

The product line is handcrafted, plant-based & so nourishing for your beautiful skin.

Options available are:

-Yarrow Rose Facial Toner

-Green Tea Lemongrass Facial Toner

-Rose Facial Serum

-Sweet Citrus Facial Serum

-Peppermint Lemon Cleanser

-Lavender Charcoal Cleanser

-Vanilla Bean Coffee Scrub

[ PROMO ]  : We obviously can't wait for you to try these amazing products out  - so we're throwing in a COMPLIMENTARY facial when you buy the complete set (toner, cleanser, moisturizer & serum - for ONLY $90!)