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[Recipe] : Superfood Guava Margaritas


Today is Cinco de Mayo - which is a GREAT excuse to enjoy a margarita (or a few!).

While the traditional form of this delicious drink can be packed with empty calories, sugar & sodium - we found a list of healthy & delicious alternatives for your festivities HERE !

Here's one of the simple selections that we can't wait to try out -

the Superfood Guava 'Rita! 

Caitlin Covington for shared these amazing tidbits about the greatness of guava:

-guava is one of the richest fruit-based sources of Vitamin C

-the fruit is packed full of dietary fiber

- some studies show that out of any fruit - guava is filled with the very most antioxidants!

-guava's traditional medicinal uses include healing wounds, cuts, ulcers, and boils, toothaches, oral ulcers, inflamed gums, throat and chest pains, diarrhea, and epilepsy.

You can find out more about this delicious superfood in the full article HERE -

but for now - here's the yummy recipe!

What You'll Need:

4 limes 8 ounces Guava nectar (or juice/puree your own!) 4 ounces tequila

What To Do:

Juice three of the limes (ending up with about 3 tablespoons juice). Thinly slice the last lime in round slices. Set aside. (For garnish.) Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker (with a few cubes of ice) until well mixed. Strain into glasses, garnish with lime, and enjoy!