owner inteview

Welcome : from ESME BEAUTY BAR Owner Angela O'Donoghue


Angela1Welcome to ESME LIFE! I could not be more excited about the journey ahead of us ... expressing & exploring ways to thrive in this beautiful life.

I have dreamed about a space that joins together our goals and vision here at Esme Beautiful Salon with the stories, wisdom and tips of the lovely people we work alongside daily. I love the idea of cultivating a community - the people around us are so impactful to our personal and professional growth. I hope that this blog serves as a gathering place to share and receive lessons, knowledge and encouragement from one another.

When my vision for opening a salon was in its' infancy, long before Esme Beautiful even had a name, I had one core goal in mind. I wanted the business to be a place that embodied the idea of "beauty from the inside out" - which is why our services in the salon range from holistic nutrition consultations to mani's/pedi's, facials, and brow design. Taking care of our bodies inside & out is not only vital to our health - but also our self-esteem & mentality.

Our goal with ESME LIFE is to give these values of beauty, health, & community a voice. We hope you find the tips and advice helpful and other's stories - inspiring.

Cheers to loving everything that is beautiful about ourselves and this life. 

Love, Ang