Customized Skin Treatment  | 70 Mins  $125

Designed in accordance with your personal skin needs, this treatment involves multiple steps including a hot towel application, exfoliation, gentle yet effective extractions, custom blended masque application, targeted facial massage as well as a relaxing arm, hand, neck, shoulder and scalp massage. The end result will be cleansed, treated and glowing skin. 

Recommended for: All Skin Types


Vitamin C Skin Treatment | 45 mins  $70

Reveal fresh new skin with this gentle, yet effective skin resurfacing treatment. Infused with organic essential oils or Sweet Orange, Mandarin and a 20% L-Ascorbic Acid, Vitamin C treatment. This facial will help refine skin imperfections and reduce pigmentation leaving the skin super soft and illuminated. Your treatment will include a neck and scalp massage, and extended facial massage using oils customized for your skin type.

Recommended for: Most Skin Types. (If you are sensitive or suffer from rosacea, please select the Natural Facial)


Skin Clearing Treatment | 45 MINS  $70

For clients struggling with acne and over-active oil glands, this treatment draws out impurities, reduces oil production and provides balanced hydration using natural products. Anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial serums and corrective gels are then applied to calm the skin. Your treatment will include an extended period of gentle extractions.

Recommended for: Oily/Acneic Skin


Natural Facial | 45 MINS  $70

This tranquil holistic facial experience is crafted just for your complexion. It features a hydrating cleanse, customized exfoliation, mild yet thorough extractions, moisturizing arm and hand treatment, plus ample massage for the scalp, neck and shoulder.

Recommended for: All Skin Types


Treatment Add-On 

Need a little extra boost to your treatment? These facial add-ons provide a variety of benefits for your body and soul. They can be added to any facial you choose.

20% AHA Exfoliating Pumpkin Peel $25

Décolleté Treatment $15

Calf & Foot Massage $15


(All treatment times include brief consultation)




How does Plasma Lift work?

The tip of the plasma skin lift is placed very close to the skin and creates a voltage between the two to form a plasma charge. The plasma charge instantly causes sublimation  (skin cells a vaporized), which creates tissue retraction and tightening. 


30 min Consults Free

Eyelids  $299-399

Crowsfeet $299-399

Lip flip $399-499

Jawline $699 and up

Full face 2500.00 and up

Neck lift $1500 and up

Skin tag Removal $150.00

Tummy Lift $1500 and up

Acne Scarring $ 699.00 and up

Tatoo Removal 150.00 per session

Scars 299.00

Your Plasma Technician will advise you as per your file how many treatments are necessary to achieve your desired results. Plasma soft surgery is the all natural way to achieve tight and toned skin!