ESMÉ Holistic Nutrition


Becca has always been passionate about helping others feel great about themselves, sharing her passion through nutrition and practices to promote self-love. After struggling through her own food sensitivities, Becca attended the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where she earned her designation as a Certified Holistic Health Coach. 

Becca aims to create a space where we, as individuals, can make peace with our food and our bodies. As your health coach, Becca will provide personalized support, guidance and the tools needed to succeed in your personal health transformation. Since you are unique in your own beautiful right, Becca's coaching is based on every guests individual needs.  


Becca offers consultations, meal plans, cleanses, and longer-term programs. 





We have sourced and created amazing lines of nourishing elixirs, fresh juice blends and tasty, healthy snacks for you to enjoy in the

shop or to take home with you, including Juice Because raw-pressed juices and Rosso coffee. 

Our certified in-store Holistic Nutritionist is available for consultations.