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6 Treatments
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Brazilian & Underarms

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$ 750
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Full Legs

6 Treatments
$ 1300
Reg: $1560

The laser effectively targets the melanin (pigment cells) in the hair follicles. The pigment in those follicles absorbs the laser’s energy until the follicle is destroyed, leaving the surrounding tissue unaffected.

After several treatments, patients can expect a significant reduction (80-95%) in the thickness and amount of hair. Any hair that is left is typically lighter coloured and fine. The hair that was beneath the surface of the skin no longer has a follicle and your body will eject it over the next 2-3 weeks after the treatment. It may look like growing hair, but simply exfoliate or continue shaving until the dead hair has all fallen out.

Unfortunately, there is currently no technology which can remove light blonde or white hair.

While our machine does an amazing job of targeting dark blonde/light brown hairs, optimal results will be seen the more pigmented the hair is. Sharplight technologies offer several different hand pieces and settings which allows us to target a wide range of hair thickness and color.

On average, clients see a significant reduction in hair re growth after 6-8 treatments, with 4-8 week intervals, to target the hairs at each growth cycle (the Anagen hair growth phase), until most of the hair follicles have been destroyed.

Avoid plucking, waxing and electrolysis as these hair removal methods can disturb the hair follicle and interfere with the effectiveness of using a laser for hair removal.

We do require the area to be freshly shaved within 24 hours to ensure the best treatment quality. You may shave as often as desired between each session as well.

Do not tan or self-tan the area being treated, and ensure sunscreen is applied to any exposed areas, daily.