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Your oasis in all things healthy beauty.

We at Esme strive to be an industry leader and provider of healthy, clean beauty, while maintaining a safe working environment for our employees and clients. Rather than focusing on certain aspects of beauty or defining beauty, we choose to celebrate it in all its facets, shapes, and forms. Hence our tagline, ESMÉ Beautiful. Your Kind of Beautiful.

Beginning as way for Anglea (the owner) to express herself, and pave the way for a healthy alternative to her 2 amazing daughters. She began the journey of finding the best products for health and wellness, and ones that wouldn’t break the bank. During this journey she found her passion, and realized there was a true gap in the beauty industry for legitimately healthy beauty boutiques.

After confirming this was the path she wanted long term, she began curating recipes for her spa- from lotions, to scrubs, to bath bombs, and health elixirs. BAM Esme was born! We still make all of our lotions, scrubs and bath bombs from scratch, in store! We choose the highest quality, most pure ingredients possible, and add our flare (hint: sometimes its glittery bath bombs, sometimes it’s sugar scrub so delicious smelling you want to eat it). 

From all of us at Esme, we are grateful for the opportunity to work for a company that cares. Not only about the clients, but about us as the staff. We’re very blessed to work alongside Angela and her family! – Esme Team

Angela O'Donoghue

CEO & Owner

Morgan Turner


Kaylee Zimmerman


Christa Mikkelsen

Sr. Nail Technician

Janine Belanger

Sr. Aesthetician & Laser Tech

Sonja Hoffman

Sr. Nail Technician

Katie Satow

Sr. Nail Technician & Laser Tech

Andee Misner

Sr. Manicure & Pedicurist

Katie Smith

Sr. Aesthetician & Laser Tech

Eliza Ochenkowska

Jr. Nail Technician

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